Higher Education

The problem of Higher Education in Haiti

Haitian Higher Education suffers greatly from the absence of academic competition; which renders unimportant the provision of an academic training of quality, and vain any exercise to make one's valued in relation to the other in the field of excellence. And it is in this context that Jean-Claude Dorsainvil founded a Higher Education institution in 1996 called Queensland University (UQ) Haiti with the mission of helping young Haitians once they have completed High School to enter the University. This is due to an institutional gap which, by attributing a constitutional right of scrutiny to an entity over its peers, plunges the system into the abyss of mediocrity. In order to compete in a competitive academic game, the different institutions engage as enemies on a battlefield. This context reflects the lack of responsibility of the State, in the person of the Ministry of National Education, by an institutional vacuum. Thus a balance of power is established between the entity, which must dictate the rules of the game, and the others. These impotent tacitly resist the constitutional principle to force their presence in the country's higher education system.

This calls for the establishment of a Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to legalize the problem of Higher Education in Haiti. Unfortunately no state system can come up with a solution of this kind to solve this problem.

Queensland University (UQ) today becomes the reference university in several fields of research and higher education in Haiti. We want to help more young people enter to Queensland University Haiti but the lack of financial means and technical support continues to fail us. Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE) intervene in several domains as: Christian Higher Education, Theology, Christian Education, Research and Development, Technology and Science, Health and Education, Elementary and Higher School, Credit in Higher Education, Scholarship, Agriculture and Environment, Livestock and elevage animal.. Become a Fundraiser for Queensland University Haiti.

Centre for Climate Change and Research System and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (CRESAF)

The Centre for Climate Change and Research System and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (CRESAF) was established in 2007 by Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE) and Queensland University (UQ) to identify and analyze alternative regional and national strategies and to adapt to climate change in ways that benefit the most vulnerable of the rural and urban areas of Haiti. To achieve the CRESAF aim, the Research and Studies Programs supports four (4) activity areas or Program Strategies in the Rural and Urban Areas of Haiti.

1) Support for Participatory Action Research in Haiti (PARH)
2) Reduction of Hunger and Malnutrition
3) Education and Training
4) Communication and Networking with the small Haitian Farmers

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