Education is at the heart of all the activities of the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE). Without education it is difficult, if not impossible, to attain an acceptable degree of national human development. Also, the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE) has been involved in Higher Education Programs and Scientific Research since November 1996 with the opening of Queensland University (UQ) in Haiti by Jean-Claude Dorsainvil: www.uqstegnetwork .org and then in 1999 the opening of a primary and secondary school called: Institution Mixte Queensland (IMQ) which opened its doors in the zone of Delmas 33, Montpellier, rue St-Paul # 3, today There are among these young people who are doctors, lawyers, diplomats to name but a few, the foundation is also involved in civic education programs across the country, building mini-libraries in schools Located in the remote rural areas of Haiti, to help develop children's and young people's thinking through the taste of reading, to financially support school learning and vocational training for the King of scholarships to go to the Polytechnic School of Queensland University (UQ) and in Technical Agricultural and Apiculture Institute (ITAV) of Queensland University (UQ), which opened in the Plateau Central, Hinche , in January 12, 2010 with the passage of the earthquake in Haiti.

Civic Education

Citizenship is a fundamental principle indispensable to the knowledge-to-live between citizens and to the good management of the environment and the nation in general. It must be taught again to children and youth, students and adults of all ages and all social classes. Local governance must also be taught to the population in order to manage the space in which it lives.

Health Care

Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE) provides free healthcare services to students in the School of Nursing, School of Medicine of Queensland University (UQ) Haiti, families and community members, including Haitian’s only fully free Queensland Foundation for Children University Hospital serving Haitian People of all ages.

How Health Problems can cause Poverty

Most of us enjoy the luxury of taking our good health for granted, and when we are ill we simply book in to see our doctor. That’s not the case for the impoverished families of the rural and urban areas of Haiti who teeter of financial ruin when something unexpected comes up.

In Haiti a health problem can spell disaster for a poor family living in a rural area or an urban area. Already struggling to make ends meet, a trip to the doctor, or worse, a stay in hospital, can plunge a family into debt for a lifetime. The propagation of the cholera epidemic in Haiti is actually lamentable. The only loans they can receive come attached with impossible high interest rates, guaranteeing financial problems long after a sickness is curred. Living near a former rubbish dump and scavenging for recyclables means the people we support often suffer from serious health problems in Haiti.