Health and Environment

Human activity degrades our environment every day. Water, air and soil pollutionlies at the root of numerous diseases, especially cancer, as well as reproductive and developmental disorders.

Center for Assistance to the Handicapped and the Blind of Haiti (CAPHA-Haiti)

Founded on 20 January 2010, after the earthquake in Haiti, which left thousands of disabled and blind people, after several interventions with the institutions that arrived in Haiti to help the victims of the earthquake of 12 January 2010 , The Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education has taken the initiative to found this association to help people with disabilities and victims of the earthquake. The mission of this association is:

Mission of CAPHA-Haiti

- Promote assistance to mentally and mentally handicapped people
- Stimulate the development of physical activities
- Encourage and encourage the development of social and cultural activities
- To improve the quality of life and autonomy of people living with a mental, physical or mental handicap, in order to promote their social and cultural evolution

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Agriculture – Environment – Agroforestry

After a longtime of the destruction of the Haitian agriculture, he has not any progress by intensive farming in developed rural and urban areas of Haiti, output is stagnating and biodiversity is becoming worryingly impoverished. Agroforestry, which consists in integrating trees into agricultural farming systems, could provide a fair answer to this lamentable situation.

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While modern agroforestry systems have been developed over the past 30 years in Haiti, research on the subject remains underdeveloped in Haiti. Traditional know-how has been partially lost and basic knowledge is still fragmented. The Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education awards subsidies to encourage students of the School of Agronomy of Queensland University (UQ) Haiti to discover or expand this field or research as part of a high performance team working on the questions in Haiti.

Social Protestant Center of Haiti / Centre Social Protestant d’Haiti (CSP-Haiti)

The Social Protestant Center of Haiti (CSP-Haiti) is an entity of the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education which aims to provide assistance in all forms, to all users of the Center without distinction Political, cultural, racial, philosophical, religious or sexual orientation. The Center wishes to welcome and assist Haitian migrants from the borders of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Haitian migrants deported from Nassau Bahamas, Miami and other countries of the region.

The Center sends the children of the migrants who are staying at the centers of the center on holiday and at school The center also offers food parcels to the poor in the South of Haiti victims of Hurricane Matthew during the month of October 4, 2016. But your donations also allow us to cope with the various expenses we have to do to save the lives of hundreds of Haitian migrants and their children. You can send your donations by writing to us at the following e-mail address:

Centre Social Protestant d’Haiti (CSP-Haiti)

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    Actions of the foundation

    Since January 12, 2010 with the passage of the earthquake in Haiti, the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education has encouraged research on the impact of environmental factors on reproductive and developmental illnesses, as well as on the occurrence of cancer, by supporting research teams and the training of young researchers. Four (4) approaches are prioritized about the foundation:

  • Study environmental problems , professional and lifestyle risk factors in Haiti
  • Understand the impact of the economic, social and professional environment
  • Initiate debate and inform the general public about universities, schools and other
  • Improve risk prevention related to these environmental factors of Haiti and in the Caribbean region
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    Handicap / People with disabilities

    In Haiti, after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, Haiti is home to 775.550 people with disabilities. Despite the law established by the Haitian Government, which aimed to improve their integration, there is still a long way to go before they will be able to choose, decide and fully take their place in society in Haiti.

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    ICenter for Research and Training for the Defense of Human Rights and Against Torture (CREFODDHT) The Center for Research and Training for the Defense of Human Rights and against Torture (CREFODDHT) is an institution for the defense of Human Rights and against Torture, created in 2010 by the Queensland Foundation for Children , Health and Education (FONQES) to fight for the abolition of Torture and the Death Penalty and for the defense of Human Rights.

    In many rural and urban areas of Haiti, torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment are common practice. Every day, in Haiti, men, women and children are imprisoned, tortured, kidnapped and executed, or people are found with headless bodies or Children with heads cut off and both arms are removed. With this in mind, CREFODDHT intervenes with national and international authorities to combat these practices, give a voice to victims and restore human dignity for all in Haiti.

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