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The Board of Directors of the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (FONQES) is composed of five members. It is assisted by the heads of two commissions, decided on the choice of projects and programs to be executed and the best allocations of funds. He is also assisted on the occasion of a Legal Council and a finance council.

  • President: Izelle Dubuisson
  • Vice-President: Jean-Claude Dorsainvil
  • Secretary General: Dr. Euguens Fermine
  • Chair: Jean-Claude Dorsainvil
  • Treasurer: Clairose Dorsainvil
  • 2 Councilors: Marie Jeanne Mésidor and Renaud Alexandre
  • 2 Committees

  • Education Responsible: Johny Louis
  • Local and Solidarity Tourism Responsible: Aubens Fermine
  • Research and Development: Jean Ernst Saint-Fleur
  • Executive Director: Jean Ricard Florestal
  • The Advisory Council of the Foundation

    The Advisory Council of the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (FONQES) is made up of members of the High Council of Queensland University (UQ) and friends of the Queensland Foundation for Children, Health And Education, many of whom lend their services free of charge to the Board of Directors alongside the members of the Board of Directors or the commissions of the foundation. Advisory Board members contribute to the success of economic and social development activities on an ad hoc basis in their area of ​​expertise. These include the various personalities on the Foundation's advisory board:

  • Wilcert Saint-Hilaire, United States of America
  • Chang Yeong Jong, Taiwan, Republic of China
  • Jean Wesner Demas, USA
  • Young Wilson, Haiti
  • Aubens Henker Fermine, President of Haitian Hocky Federation
  • Reverend Farther Antony Simon
  • Reverend Louis Juste
  • Reverend Bernadel Banad